Re: Mac zip disk data recovery options

From: Tim Schneider <tims_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Aug 08 2008 - 09:19:04 CST

> Is it "clicking"?
Then it comes up that the computer can't read the disk.

Pardon the lag it is summer after all.

> ttyl
> srw
> tims wrote:
>> could anyone recommend a solution for terri ?
>> Story:
>> Today at work my computer froze. So before I restarted it I popped out
>> the zip disk that I had just opened(yes, the computer at work is THAT
>> old). After I rebooted and slipped the zip disk back in it said that
>> the computer couldn't read the disk. I have about 200 art files on the
>> disk with 15MB still available on the disk. I can't re-initialize the
>> disk cause if the files are still on there I'll lose them.
>> Do you know any old school computer geeks that could help me see if/or
>> can retrieve the files?
>> Or where I can take the disk to.
>> Terri
>> p.s. It's an old Mac OS
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