Re: do we really need a desktop environment?

From: Jason Ish <ish_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Nov 25 2007 - 18:42:36 CST

Regarding your subject - of course you don't really need a desktop

> Whole plan for it is to surf the net, check email, and read ebooks on.
> All of which can be done with elinks and mc. Might toss a game on it
> later, but I likely don't need one on it. I could even toss on irssi
> (for irc) and naim (for aim chat... not sure if pidgin works in text)
> if I need more, and those are both text based as well.
> Thoughts?

I must admit that I am using Gnome right now, I'm giving it a bit of a
chance but since the time that Linux distros have been providing a
default desktop environment of Gnome or KDE, the first think I do is
modify my .xsession and fire up fvwm. On lower power systems its
faster, on laptops you may get some more battery life, and in some
cases, if you enjoy the power of the keyboard and configurability it
can be more productive..

Sorry, just re-read your email and you are trying to get by without
X. Yes, that is possible to, but you may want to consider one of the
minimalist window managers for X so you can run the occasional GUI
application such as some config tool where the distro prefer the GUI
version over editing raw files.

-- Jason
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