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Date: Mon Apr 24 2006 - 22:11:48 CST

My wife forwarded this to me.


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Found this in a message sent to me:

Our IT Commandments:

   1. Thou shalt not outsource mission critical functions
   2. Thou shalt not pretend
   3. Thou shalt honor and empower thy (Unix) sysadmins
   4. Thou shalt leave the ideology to someone else
   5. Thou shalt not condemn departments doing their own IT
   6. Thou shalt put thy users first, above all else
   7. Thou shalt give something back to the community
   8. Thou shalt not use nonsecure protocols on thy network
   9. Thou shalt free thy content
  10. Thou shalt not ignore security risks when choosing platforms
  11. Thou shalt not fear change
  12. Thou shalt document all thy works
  13. Thou shalt loosely couple


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