Re: OT - E815 + geotrust quickssl cert

From: Tim Schneider <tim_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 15:12:47 CST

thanks for the quick reply. It is a sasktel phone plan.
I don't think it is a carrier issue because I can access on the mobile browser on the phone.

I'm on hold with motorola right now. we shall see where that takes me.

On 4/19/2006, "Lukano" <> wrote:

>Tim, if you don't mind me asking - what provider is it with?
>If I assume Sasktel due to my predisposition as an employee, there's
>also a chance (albeit very slim) that something isn't passing through
>(in either direction) through the authentication server for the WAP
>2.0 provisioning.
>Both because I don't fully understand it myself, and I may be treading
>on thin ice on disclosure if I were to discuss it... instead if
>neither of your current avenues turn up any results (and I'm not
>rambling for no purpose if it turns out to be with a different
>carrier), remind me and I'll see if I can find someone in some
>knowledged position to check in on it.
>Even if only to see if there was anything in place that might be
>disrupting SSL issuing on either end. I really can't see the
>authentication process doing more verifying the ESN/EID and allowing
>access, but who knows. There's also some funky LDAP stuff with Bell
>going in that particular process, but as to where I'm not sure.
>On 4/19/06, Tim Schneider <> wrote:
>> Hi, sorry there is no Linux involved here.
>> I have a Motorola E815 cell phone with mobile browser and I am able to
>> access public webpages from the phone. When I try to access any secure
>> websites that I have setup using a quickssl certificate from Geotrust I
>> get an error about a certificate being issued from an untrusted source.
>> My guess is that geotrust is not listed in the phone as a valid issuer
>> of ssl certificates.
>> I have sent an email off to geotrust to see what there side of the story
>> is, for now I am interested in any other information regarding accessing
>> secure websites from WAP browsers.
>> Please send any success or fail stories to the list. If I can get enough
>> response I will compile the results on the wiki.
>> Thanks.
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