Re: Books

From: Tony Arkles <tony_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 11:35:21 CST

Steven Kurylo wrote:

> I'm looking to procure some books. Currently I have an inherited
> Sam's Perl in 21 days, which isn't too bad (an inherited Sam's Java 2
> in 24 hours is horrible). I'd like a more advanced book in Perl.
> Next I'm looking for a Python book, for the beginner in Python but not
> programming.

For learning perl, I highly recommend The Perl Cookbook once you've got
a basic feel for the language. When I was doing server-side web
development, this book was constantly open on my desk. Highly highly

If you're already an experienced programmer, but don't know python, I
recommend It goes pretty quickly from
simple stuff right into the cool things python can do. I've picked up
python quite quickly this summer and I have fallen in love with it (even
though I'm doing windows development...). The actual python
documentation is quite nice, but the trick is to know what you're
looking for.
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