Re: Evolution remote calendar support

From: Brian Borley <musum82_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Jul 22 2005 - 04:12:27 CST

On Friday 22 Jul 2005 16:22, Kent Kostuk wrote:

Yes Kent, I use Evolution occasionally. It has a good system for keeping
Evolution was the first mail program I used, mostly because it was so easy to
set up. If you have lots of hard drive space, it's never an encumbrance,
although personally I prefer KMail.
You can give me a ring at 384 7485 if you have specific questions. I'm retired
at this point in my life, so have lots of time to socialise.
Brian Borley
> I am toying with moving to Evolution from Kontact but can't seem to
> figure out the settings so I can store my calendar files on a remote
> drive. Does anyone have any experience with this (good/bad/indifferent)?
> Kent
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