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From: Kurtis Peterson <kleedrac_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Mon Jul 11 2005 - 00:32:39 CST

Bad pun. I've only ever used POST cards at an old job. They bought them and
I used them. They are interesting only in that they actually tell you what
the POST is doing every single stage ... even the ones you really can't see
(like assigning IRQ's through the list even when it decides to reserve one
or two :) ) Personally I'd say they're a waste of money unless you actually
find a need for one more than once a week or so ... and if that's the case
(and you're not a tech) buy a new friggin board and be done with it :)

On 7/11/05, Tim Schneider <> wrote:
> On July 9, 2005 03:26 am, VON wrote:
> > Some of you are hardware gurus, soIf you are using, or have used, and
> > particular POST (Power On Self Test) PCI card in your hardware
> diagnosing
> > endeavours, and have recommendations, or ones to avoid, I'd appreciate
> you
> > letting me know. Thanks.
> never got that far. I use bios post codes from the pc speaker. If it does
> not beep like a truck backing up it is probably o.k. if it does beep like
> a
> truck backing up find some one who is about to pour a concrete footing and
> offer to help out just a little.
> one time this mouse shat on my DIMM, seriously. It was at work. A real
> clean
> place :) It was also a tower PC and uh I left the lid off...
> so then monday my pc beeped at me. I used an un-scathed PC to investigate
> the
> beep codes and tracked it down to the memory test had failed. So I took a
> look, saw the offensive matter and the corrosion it had caused. Cleaned
> out
> all that crap and voila PC still works today, well not today, last time I
> was at work it was still working.
> As far as POST cards go I don't think that they are a very valuable
> troubleshooting tool.
> my two cents and a buck fifty story.
> Sorry if I offended anyone with my crappy story.
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