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Date: Wed Sep 24 2003 - 09:24:02 CST

On Wed, Sep 24, 2003 at 09:08:03AM -0600, Keith Brown wrote:
> Hi folks. Being a Slackware type from waaay back I'm not very familiar
> with Redhat but I do have a question about a Redhat system. There were
> some power outages at work yesterday and one of the Linux boxes was shut
> down in the middle of some file transfers. Trying to reboot it gives the
> "filesystem corrupted" message and suggests doing a fsck manually. I've
> done this before with my system without too much trouble however, using
> Slackware the mount points and partitions are linked in the fstab file.
> Not so with Redhat. What I'm used to seeing is:
> /dev/hdc3 /usr/src ext2 defaults 1 1
> What I see with RedHat is something like:
> LABEL /home /home ext2 defaults 1 1
> How do I tell which partition is associated with which mount point? One of
> them is currently screwed and has to be e2fsck'd.

I think you can use tune2fs to read (and optionally change) the labels.

Have you tried just specifying /home (or whatever) as the device to fsck? I
prefer my fstab the old way so I haven't had to deal with filesystem labels.
I do recall mount being intellegent about them on a freshly installed RedHat
system so I'd hope fsck was given the same insight.

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