From: jim wagner <linux_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Mon Sep 08 2003 - 19:52:02 CST

Les Klassen Hamm wrote:

>On 08-Sep-03 jim wagner wrote:
>>I would like to. However, the latest mozilla (Firebird) does not have
>>e-mail. For that you have to use Thunderbird, and I have yet to be able
>>to get Thunderbird working.
>My understanding is (and I downloaded these just last week) that there is still
>the latest Mozilla, which incorporates email and the rest, OR you can download
>standalone products (Firebird for browsing, Thunderbird for email). Current
>Thunderbird builds, in my experience, may leave you stranded in want of some
>libraries, but the latest stable Mozilla build, including mail reader, work
>just great. In fact, the mail reader is about to become my new "recommended"
>mail reader, based largely on it's built in, "self-learning" junk mail filters.
>I quite like it. If you wish to do it manually, download Mozilla 1.4 for linux
>from the link at
> Les...
I'm still runnning the latest mozilla, for my e-mail.

What's the possibility of that problem with Netscape coming from it
recognizing parts of mozilla as 'its' program, so going on to say that
"It already exists?"


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