fstab and directcd

From: Dave Hall <linux_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Sep 05 2003 - 01:16:02 CST

On Fri, Sep 05, 2003 at 12:13:59AM -0600, Gordon J. Holtslander wrote:
> Hi:
> I set up a linux box to be used primarily as an image analysis machine
> for one of our techs
> She has an enourmous volume of CD's created with directcd on windows.
> The machine won't mount them. I assume I have to change the details of
> fstab to support the file system used by directcd- but I don't know what
> that is?
> I want to get this working ASAP so I don't want to RTFM :) - please
> indulge me.

Try google, google knows everything :)

> So does anyone know what file system directcd creates files in? Is if
> vfat udf something else.

It is probably UDF. If your kernel already has UDF support, try mounting
it. If not, here are some kernel patches:

> How do you set up fstab to support multiple files systems for a single
> device and can they be detected automatically when mounted. Do I have
> to get our tech to learn the subtleties of mount ?
> I want the machine to be able to read generic cd-roms as well - and it
> wouldn't hurt to have it read what ever format Macs like to write cds with.

I've never tried this. You could always set up a different mount point
for each fs type.

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