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Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 23:45:45 CST

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000, Dave Hall wrote:

> NIC. I've had problems with RealTek 8139 based NICs not playing nice
> with 10/100 switches. Most of the 8019/8029 based NICs seem OK.

It's funny how different people have different experiences... I've sold
probably over 100 Startech ST100S (Realtek 8139) network cards without any
problems. When I worked at C Prompt I also sold these and saw one dead
one, although I'm not convinced it wasn't hit by static by the person who
installed it. Yes some of these are connected to 10/100 switches. (All
Dlink switches, AFAIK)

> Anything Tulip (Intel or DEC 41x4x) are pretty good, the other intel

I second that. The tulip chipset is the greatest in my opinion.

> chipsets seem OK, the D-LINK DFE-530 and 538 have been OK, 3Com is
> generally OK.

I had gobs of grief with the DFE-530TX in windows 98. (The DE-530CT/TP
was a great tulip-based card) Still my favorite card (when I can find
them) is the DFE-500TX.

> For a masquerading box, something with jumpers are always a plus
> instead of the software config.

Why? You usually only have to set them once, then they work.


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