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From: Greg Broten <broteng_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 11:29:46 CST

  Check out, it is very good source of
information for setting up PHP and Apache. We setup Apache, PHP3 and
MySQL here at work, and it was a bit of challenge to get it all working. I
needed all of these components for our internal web based email using IMP.
  We didn't do alot of PHP programing, but during the setup I ran some
test PHP scripts to get things up and running. The scripts I used were
embedded in html (or php3) code like the following:

 <TITLE>Our first PHP3.0 script</TITLE>
 <CENTER>Our first PHP3.0 script</CENTER>

 /* the above "<?" signals that the PHP script has begun */
 $today = date("Y-m-d");

 PRINT "<CENTER>Today is: $today.</CENTER>";

 # the following "?>" closes the script


There is also a nifty php command that you can include into the test
program that will show how Apache is confiugred:


(Pulled this out of the INSTALL.REDHAT file under PHP)

Also check out

Hope this helps,

Greg Broten
Scientific Instrumentation LTd.

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Tanner, Robby wrote:

> Does anyone have a test script or web page or whatever that I can
> use to see if my Apache/PHP install is correct. I'm kind of new with this
> sort of thing and need some simple tools for testing to help me with
> understanding how these things interact.
> For example, if I double-click on a .php or .phtml file, does the
> web server send that page to the PHP module for processing and than forward
> the results to the web client? Or do I click on an .html page and the .php
> or .phtml is opened by the PHP module. Some of these subtleties may seem
> glaringly obvious to the more advanced, but I'm missing something.
> Anyway, thanks for listening and thanks for any help you can
> provide.
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