Re: losurs meeting last weekend...

From: Scott Wunsch <swunsch_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Mar 17 2000 - 09:30:09 CST

On Wed, 15-Mar-2000 at 21:57:09 -0600, Mark Duguid wrote:

> well...the one thing left up in the air was the idea that the losurs could
> function as an umbrella group representing all the user groups in the
> province.

Well, since you brought it up :-). I'm interested to see what the opinion
of some of the SLG members is with regard to this idea.

I've had a few people suggest that we should just leave the SLG alone,
because it is serving a separate (and useful) purpose by being a quieter
group with a bit different focus. There are probably some people who like
it just the way it is, and wouldn't like to see it change too much. On the
other hand, Saskatoon does need a more active and more "newbie-friendly"

I think we have several options (as far as LOSURS' involvement is

1) Attempt to revitalise and change the SLG, with the assistance of LOSURS.
2) Start up a new group in Saskatoon, leaving the SLG intact. This new
   group would be more along the lines of LOSURS, and probably work closely
   with it.
3) Simply create a "Saskatoon chapter" of LOSURS, so that Saskatoon members
   would automatically gain access to our mailing lists and other resources
   and opportunities.
4) Hold LOSURS meetings in Davidson <g>.

One way or another, I would like to see something happen in Saskatoon, and
I would like LOSURS to be a part of it.

Comments? Suggestions? Questions?

Take care,
Scott Wunsch
LOSURS (Linux/Open Source Users of Regina, Sask.)

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