Re: Setting clock in Linux

From: Bill Jones <jones_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Sep 05 1999 - 11:06:58 CST

My take on clock synchronization after some years of experience:

- crontab solutions like netdate are quite adequate for most purposes;
  because most PC hardware clocks are cheap you need to run it at least
  4x per day if you want the time adjustment to be within its 0.5s slew
  range; it is too bad netdate does not have an option to change that
- ntp is superadequate, if you want to bother setting it up

I wanted to mention that ntp synchronization has for some years been a
bonus feature in high-end routers. Thus you can often find a
time source by trying ntp queries against servers or routers up the
traceroute chain within your network provider. Shortly after getting
a cable modem, I found machines within Shaw running ntp and used them
in my ntp.conf:


A time source within your provider has the advantages of being
low-latency and available whenever your connection is up.

The above are stratum 3 servers, which are adequate for almost any purpose.
Stratum 2 or 1 servers can be left to those who have serious reasons for
needing submillisecond accuracy, or to those having pretensions of such,
a.k.a. the "geek chic" :).
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