chroot non-anonymous ftp?

From: Les Klassen Hamm <leskh_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sat Sep 04 1999 - 10:04:14 CST

Greetings all,

I'm wondering if I can set up ftp such that someone can have an ftp account
on a subdir of their home directory. That wasn't clear. Here's an example.
I have a user "joe" and I want to let him upload files to his ~/public_html
directory and any subdirectories he wants under that. Can I limit him to
that? I don't want him messing with his home directory, because he doesn't
know shell account stuff at all - the account currently exists only for
him to pop his mail from. Is there some way I can set up chroot for a
user/password login?


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