Re: Setting clock in Linux

From: Keith Brown <brownk_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Sep 03 1999 - 10:04:28 CST

> Is there a mechanism where I can set the time on a PC that is on-line.
> I figure a crond entry that calls on date but I don't know of any services
> on the net that will give me an accurate time. Also I guess that since the
> packet transfers are non-deterministic, It would not be accurate to the
> second.

   I use a program called 'nist'. It gets fired up once a day on my office
machine via cron and a short script. The cron entry looks like this:

# This updates the system time
40 06 * * * /sbin/settime

The script 'settime' looks like this:

#This shell program sets the system time using the NIST timeserver
#(nist.txt in /usr/src/nist) and then sets the CMOS time from the
#system time.
/usr/local/bin/nist -q -t -a -06:00:00
/sbin/clock -w

I've made the source and binary available for anonymous ftp at in the 'pub' directory.

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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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