Re: Moving filesystems and resizing partitions - possible?

From: Adam McKee <amckee_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 16:34:22 CST

If I was doing this I'd really prefer to have another hard disk on hand.
Safer and easier than with one hd.

With only one hard disk:

I think Partition Magic 4.0 can deal with ext2 partitions. I guess you'd
need to run it from a floppy - which should be possible I hope.

Boot Linux, then:

        % su
        % mke2fs ... # get rid of that unsightly FAT
        % cd / ; cp -Rdpv bin/ boot/ ...

Then modify your lilo config to reflect the new placement of the Linux
partition. Verify that you can boot the new Linux partition. Then
you'll have the option of just living with an extra ext2 partition or
using partition magic (anyone tried it with ext2?). If you use partition
magic, then obviously backing up all the critical stuff would be smart.
I've never seen partition magic screw up, but you never know...

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On Fri, 16 Jul 1999, Jim Meier wrote:

> When I was first putting this system in order, I gave 2/3 of the drive to
> windows, because I expected my family to use windows most of the time.
> However, I've moved them over to KDE, and would like to reclaim the space
> that the windows partition is using. Ideally, I think what I want is to
> have only two partitions: swap and one ext2fs partition.
> Does anyone have ideas on how I could go about this? I could remove the
> windows partition, replace it with an ext2fs partition, somehow move the
> entire old ext2fs over to the new one (is this possible without disturbing
> anything?), then remove the old ext2 partition and "grow" the new one to
> fit the drive.
> Is this possible, or is there another way?
> I suppose I could just back up my data to another drive (volunteers? :) and
> replace the whole thing with a fresh install (my debian package/dependency
> tree is getting a little whacked out lately..), but I'd prefer not to; If
> I did that I'm sure there would be tones of stuff I'd forget to back up
> or would have to rebuild.
> Any ideas?
> TIA, Jim.
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