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From: David N. M. Hall <dave_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 18:40:44 CST

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Subject: setting up wuftpd and web hosting
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> Hi
> Two questions: One dumb, one not so dumb
> Dumb question:
> I want to set up my computer to do anonymous ftp. I can't find any
> documentation on setting it up, except for the man page for ftpd and it
> doesn't seem to answer my question. Does anyone know of good
> documentation on wuftpd?
Try Proftpd (, the configuration is a little nicer and
it handles chrooting users better so that they can't browse the
system. If you want to use wu-ftpd, there should be a man page
for the config file and on the web site ( which
seems to be down at the moment).

> I looked at the LDP howto's and couldn't find anything.
> I know ftpd works on my computer. I need to know where and how do I
> define the location of files that I want to make accessable to anonymous
> ftp. Where do I put the pub dir on my computer and how do I point ftpd
> at it?
The location doesn't really matter that much if you have a secure
configuration. A common place is /home/ftp/pub.

When you get it configured, test it thouroughly to ensure that an
anonymous user cannot do things he/she shouldn't such as
access restricted files.

> Not so dumb:
> I have a friend who works for a small non-profit organization. They are
> buying a new computer for their office. I've almost convinced my friend
> to set the computer up as a dual boot linux windows computer. The big
> selling point being that they will have a reliable computer and access
> to much more software for the buck.
> They are also considering setting up a web site. Would it be practical
> to run the site off their new computer with apache (and never switch to
> windows!)? I don't know what is involved in setting up an independent
> web site. What kind of connection is used, how much does it cost? Who
> sells it? How do you register the site?
Apache is a pretty solid server. I've even run the NT version and it
seems pretty good for something the developers consider to be an
alpha release. Anyway, if you have a dedicated internet
connection, there is no technical reason why you can't host your
own site. If the machine is always Linux, then it will probably be
up nearly 24/7.

For an internet connection, you will need at least ISDN, HighSpeed
Sympatico (with static IP, extra $$), Shaw FiberLink business
cable modem or some other high speed link, essentially starting at
over $100.00/month (estimated). In any case, you would be
spending more than the $15.00 per month that DLCWest charges

On the technical side, if you want a domain name (eg, you
need no register it with InterNIC ( and
provide at least two DNS servers. You could run the primary DNS
on the same box as the web server and your upstream internet
provider will usually provide the secondary DNS.

> Is it worth the trouble doing this, or should they go through a
> commercial hosting service?
> Thanks
> Gord
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