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From: Adam McKee <amckee_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 23:42:10 CST

I'm looking to sell the following video cards:

1. Matrox Millennium II 4MB SGRAM PCI (retail w/ 250MHz RAMDAC)

This card has basically no useful 3D capabilities, but the 2D speed and
quality is *excellent* (as usual with Matrox cards). I've been using it
with my ViewSonic PT813 -- 4MB is quite enough since I only run 1280x1024.
It works perfectly and has the latest BIOS flashed on it.

minimum bid: $50

2. Diamond Monster 3D II 12MB PCI

Even a year after its release, the Voodoo 2 is still a respectable card.
I've been using it to play lots of current games and I've enjoyed
perfectly good frame rates (though I sometimes have to play in 640x480
like in Q3Test to get good speed). Since this is a 3Dfx card, you also
get compatibility with glide games (which are mostly "older" games --
newer games use OpenGL or Direct3D.) Pass-thru and SLI cables included.

minimum bid: $75

(I actually still have the retail boxes each card came in if you care :)

These minimum bids are basically the lowest prices I could possibly
accept. I really think the actual market price is higher, but we'll see
about that I guess...

If you're interested in either item, e-mail your bid to me (e.g. the
minimum bid). If you get out-bid, I'll inform you and you'll have 24
hours to up your bid. The auction is over when my G400 MAX arrives, or
July 15th, whichever comes sooner. (I pre-ordered the G400 MAX at the
beginning of June, and I expect it to get here in early-mid July.)

        -- Adam

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