RE: Setting up a new system

From: Les Klassen Hamm <leskh_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sat Jun 05 1999 - 15:08:45 CST

On 05-Jun-99 Kent Kostuk wrote:
> I am planning on setting up RH 5.2 on a machine with 2 HD. The original
> drive has Win95 on it. I want to throw in a second drive as the slave
> and put RH 5.2 (or whatever) on it.
> Can someone point me in the general direction of some good documentation
> on setting up a dual boot machine?

I don't know of any good docs, but I've always had good luck doing this by
keeping the two hard drives pretty much isolated from each other. Since
win9x seems obsessive about the boot sector on the first drive, I let
windows think it's the only drive on the system. When I install linux, I
put lilo on a floppy. If my family boots up the computer it boots windows,
if I slip in the floppy it reads lilo off the floppy and boots from the
second drive. This is faster than actually booting from the floppy (lilo
just basically points to the hard drive) and subsequent re-installs of
windows don't (CAN'T) mess with lilo. I've found this simple and effective
since Redhat 3 days. Just my $.02
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