SLG Meeting Announcement

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Date: Wed May 26 1999 - 15:42:34 CST

                      Meeting Announcement

  There will be an informal meeting held this month.

  Saturday, May 29/99 at 4:00 pm there will be a BBQ at my home for all SLG
members. Burgers and refreshments will be provided at no cost, but please feel
free to bring your own beverages if you prefer beer over coke, etc. Those of
you preferring steaks, well...

  My address is;
  222 Whitecap Crescent If you require directions, just ask.

  I recall a get together in the past, held at Alexanders where we (the SLG)
discussed group needs and meeting ideas. We planned meetings for months and had
plenty of volunteers. Thanks again to all those that participated.
  I am hoping that at this BBQ we can discuss the SLG's future needs and
perhaps plan a little into the future.

  So, feel welcome to attend. Enjoy some food and drink, and of course, some
stimulating computer/linux related conversation. If you have any ideas for the
SLG jot them down and bring them up. As well, if you can, please consider
bringing along a lawn chair. I will not quite have enough.

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