what's with this RH6.0 kernel 2.2.5-15?

From: Schneider, Tim <SCHNEIDER_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed May 19 1999 - 08:51:38 CST

I went through my usual - try to put everything into the kernel and compiled
away {make dep; make clean; make zImage} - kernel responded with a message
when it was all done that the kernel was too big.

so then I drank a cup of sanity and went back to make most things modules.
I ended up with a tidy little kernel, smaller that the original kernel. I
set up my lilo.conf so I would have two options, old and new kernels and the
I ran lilo. Lilo will not create an entry for the new kernel because the
kernel image is too big. Even though the damn file is SMALLER that the
other kernel image file that lilo does like!

My question is: What the heck? How can lilo accept a file that is 6xxxxx kb
but reject a file that is 4xxxxx kb?

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