correction: regarding bootable floppies

From: Schneider, Tim <SCHNEIDER_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu May 13 1999 - 08:03:00 CST

Yesterday I said (forget who to) that you make a bootable floppy with cp
<filename> /dev/fd0

this is crap. Sorry I misled you. I just picked up Redhat6.0 lastnight
(Thanks Thanks Thanks) and off I went to upgrade. when I was typing in cat
/cdrom/RedHat/images/boot.img > /dev/fd0
A wave of regret flowed over me, I realized I had mis-spoke yesterday.

cat: outputs the contents of a file byte by byte - useful for looking at
text files. redirect the output of cat with a > and the contents of the
file go somewhere else, like out to the first floppy drive.

cp: copy file, the command cp boot.img /dev/fd0 would replace the device
file /dev/fd0 with a copy of the boot image and call it /dev/fd0 - this
would render the floppy unusable.

I set an alias in /etc/bashrc alias rm=rm -i to prevent any unexpected

sorry again.
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