RE: RH6.0 via FTP??

From: Pion, Jason SDH <pionj_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu May 06 1999 - 08:59:49 CST

I've done an FTP install as well. I did a complete install (not an
upgrade). I am not experiencing the same problem you are, but I did have a
few of my own.

The version of LILO included with rh6 didn't like me upgrading to 2.2.7. It
told me my image was too big (even though it was smaller than the stock rh6
one). I had to re-install the lilo from rh5.2. That fixed it.

My StarOffice doesn't want to install with the new glibc2.1 either. I have
seen some postings about having to put all of the glibc2.0.7 libs in your
StarOffice directory and applying some kind of binary patch to get SO to
work. I haven't done that yet. It kinda seems like a waste of 30 megs of
HD space to put glibc2.0.7 in just for SO.

I've also encountered problems with trying to compile SSH (both 1.2.26 and
2.0.12). Neither of them seems to like glibc2.1 either.

Quake locks up my console too. Even telnetting in and attempting to kill
squake with 'kill -9' doesn't do the trick. Quake worked fine in 5.2.

I've heard that there is also something wrong with the way the install sets
up xfs. That one's a pretty quick fix though.

Anyway, those are just a few things that I've had problems with. Some of
them I can just do without. I really need to get SSH working though. I
don't really want to nuke my system again and re-install 5.2 but I might
have to. I doubt that RedHat will post any errata before their shipping
date of May 10. I guess if I can hold out until then they will probably
have some fixes up soon. (I hope)

Anyone else having similar problems?


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> Anyone out there tried an FTP install of RH6.0 yet? Mine is
> seemingly
> broken -> insmodding modules fails due to the modules being for a
> different kernel compile than the kernel that is installed.
> Thanks
> Chris
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