Re: OB-Duh, everyone take a look in your cases....

From: <kevin_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Feb 12 1999 - 10:22:43 CST

> anyone with any serious fans installed on their cases, or even those
> that dont should seriously get a can o compressed air. i had a machine
> up with 32 days decide to hang 3 times in 1 hour, just with the uh, minor
> uh, detail of the cpu fans being slightly oh, PLUGGED :(

  At work here, we see some pretty filthy systems. We have actually started
taking photos of the real nasty ones. There are some that look like they're fur
lined. All that crap does kill fans quite well. CPU fans are one thing but
power supply fans will fail quickly when left full of dust bunnies too. Hell,
dust is just plain bad.
> btw, does anyone know of a good material to be used to filter incoming
> air? i'm thinking of a layer of cheese cloth, but i'm wondering if anyone
> has found success with something else.

  I've seen a few ideas on the net for filters. Foam works well apparantly.
Only a quarter inch of dense foam does a good job and is washable as well.
There are a few people out there that have indicated that thwey used coarse
silk. This I believe is not the typical dress silk but more of the type you can
see through a bit more.
  Try that out.

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