Re: semi-religiously-correct posting ("Free" Solaris)

From: Bill Jones <jones_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Tue Aug 18 1998 - 09:11:31 CST

>just read off bluesnews, that sun is giving away
>solaris for non-commercial use (for intel or Sparc platforms only),
>for just the cost of media+shipping (havent seen what that adds up
>to yet)


This was started about a week ago. I understand the price adds up to
about $10 media+documents (pretty cheap) plus about $10 shipping. However
they are advising there will probably be a large backlog to start, so wait
and order later if you can. Maybe the Linux group might do some mooching
in the best Andreas style to get one/some for the library/doorprizes? :)
Sun are saying they want Linux to prosper.

>not that i'd actually "recommend" anyone use that beast unless absolutely
>necessary :) but if anyone had sparc hardware missing the OS, this would
>be a "legal" way to get ahold of some install disks.

Well, it is about the best of the commercial Unixes, such as they are.
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