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From: Scott Walde <scott_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed Aug 05 1998 - 11:52:51 CST

Well, we finally got the books we talked about at a meeting in spring.
(I'm no longer a fan of Saskatoon Book Store.)

Now available in the Saskatoon Linux Group Library:


A Practical Guide to Linux - Mark Sobell (Addison Wesley)
        This new book by Mark Sobell is designed for both
        beginners and experienced Linux users. It begins
        with an extensive tutorial, then progresses to
        detailed chapters on GUIs, networking, programming
        tools, and more, all with thorough examples. Part
        two is a comprehensive reference with descriptions
        and examples of 87 utilities.

SAMBA: Integrating UNIX and Windows - John D. Blair (SSC)
        This book, a combination of technical tutorial,
        reference guide, and how-to manual, contains the
        depth of knowledge experienced network administrators
        demand without skipping the information beginners need
        to get fast results.

Learning the vi Editor - Linda Lamb (O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.)
        A complete guide to text editing with vi, the editor
        available on Linux an nearly every other UNIX system.
        Early chapters cover the basics; later chapters explain
        more advanced editing tools, such as ex commands and
        global search and replacement.


S.u.S.E. Linux 5.2
        This distribution is the result of years of cutting edge
        advancements and refinements by SuSE's expert team of
        engineers. It includes over 800 Linux software packages
        on 4 CD-ROMs; a 400-page reference book; The comprehensive
        "YaST" system administration tool; complete source code;
        and much more.

Caldera OpenLinux Lite 1.2
        OpenLinux Lite includes a full-featured Linux operating
        system and hundreds of megabytes of additional software,
        including a 90-day evaluation of Caldera's GUI Desktop
        utility, the Apache web server, and much more!

Redhat 5.1 Binary i386
        This latest release of the immensely popular Red Hat
        Linux combines ease-of-use for the beginner with power
        and flexibility for the advanced user to create the
        ultimate workstation or server. Includes updates up to
        July 16, 1998.

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