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Date: Tue Aug 04 1998 - 19:14:04 CST

> > in joining CLUE's (Canadian Linux Users' Exchange) attempt to stage a
> > nation installfest on Sept 26th (Saturday).
> Well, this is really up to the people reading this. Is anyone interested
> in working on this project? If we could get a few tables in a mall and
> advertise (free stuff, of course) ahead of time it would probably be some
> good publicity.

I think that we'll be having our first organizational meeting on Monday
at 8pm EDT. It's on IRC. If anyone is interested I'll forward the
info when I know for certain.

One of the things that we be discussing is boilerplated PR stuff that
can be localized by each LUG.

> As the librarian, I will offer to make sure we have
> a few CD-ROMS of recent distributions. Anyone? Anyone?

The distributions shouldn't be a problem. At the COMDEX show in Toronto
in July we had Caldera, SuSE and RedHat send up almost 3000 CDs between
them. I'm certain that they would be willing to send up a score or more
for each LUG as well as full distributions (manuals, commercial software,
etc.) as door prizes and volunteer trophies.

I can't promise anything but a contact a Corel thinks that their new
software should be ready by Sept 26th (hint hint :).


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