Sympatico affected by 'smurf' attacks.

From: Scott Walde <scott_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Mon Dec 29 1997 - 23:31:37 CST

Well, this is somewhat off-topic for this list, but I know we have a
number of ADSL users, and probably some Sympatico dialup users here...
plus most of us are more technically inclined than the average user.

As Colin noted, we have been affected by 'smurf' attacks coming through
the system since Dec 20. I have spent many hours during the past three
days talking to two techs at Sasktel. These two techs (Dave S., and Dave
Y.) realize the seriousness of this problem, but need our help to convince
the big wigs that this is indeed a problem. He (Dave Y.) has asked me to
ask anyone I know on Sympatico to keep logs of this traffic and forward it
to him, so he can forward it to the big guys. So... for anyone who is
affected by this, he would like to know:

your name, your userid, your phone #, your IP address (if static), and
your gateway (ADSL users).

(The guys in tech support have no way of looking this stuff up! Their
records still show me living in Hepburn... that was three years ago.)

His email is

The command I'm using to log this traffic is:
[root@hssktn530 /root]#tcpdump -vxi eth0 icmp and host|tee

I'd be curious to know if dialup customers are getting this traffic, or if
it's just us ADSL guys. In any case, it's affecting ALL sasktel internet
customers, including QuantumLynx (the business branch), by chewing up all
of Sasktel's bandwidth. If nothing else, try a few pings to the gateway
( and see how they vary. While under attack I'm getting 5-7
second pings :-(

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