BAN Party Announcement

From: Kevin L. Schick <kevin_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Dec 28 1997 - 12:32:45 CST

  [The official announcement]

  You are invited to attend the second annual, SLG

(B)asement (A)rea (N)etwork Party
Jan 9th, 6pm through Jan 10th, 10 pm 1998
222 Whitecap Crescent, Saskatoon, SK

  [End official announcement]

There will be a BAN party held on January 9th 1998. It will start shortly after
6pm and last until sometime on the 10th. I had originally expected that people
would attend on Friday and return on Saturday for more fun, but now realize
that some of you may want to just keep on going right through 'till late
Saturday. So I plan on drinking alot of coffee.

  I know that this is still short notice, and I apologise. I just wanted to set
something up before Andreas leaves us.

  So for those of you that are unfamiliar with the BAN party concept, here's a
brief description that may encourage you to join in. The SLG, and friends,
bring food, beverages, computers, chairs, and small tables to a location. We
then network all the systems and then basically go nuts.

 If you can bring a network ready computer, please do. If not, please attend
anyways. I'm sure we friendly Linux types can share. For those of you willing
to bring a system I suggest you bring something to place your monitor (and your
ass) on. If you have any extra eth cards, please consider bringing them as
well. This will enable others without them to join the BAN.

  Bring food, drink and a cooler. You may get hungry. Have I forgotten

*** Attention Quake enthusiasts. You may as well finish reading right here. ***

Some of you may expect this BAN party to quickly turn into a Quake fest, fear
not. There will be plenty of "non-Quake addicted" people attending. You don't
have to play Quake. I suggest that we try to at least upgrade to Red Hat 5.0.
There's plenty to do in Linux with the benefit of a network.

Kevin L. Schick
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Received on Sun Dec 28 12:32:45 1997

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