Problem loading modules

From: Keith Brown <brownk_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Tue Dec 23 1997 - 12:42:13 CST

   I'm in the process of adding a '386 to my home system to be used as a
gateway to the 'net. The plan is to us ip masquerading. It works ok for
telnet and http stuff but not for ftp or quake. I know that it is
necessary to load the modules ip_masq_ftp and ip_masq_quake but I can't
get them to load! Whenever 'depmod -a' is run I get:

get_kernel_sys failed: Cannot find Kernel symbols!

The same happens when I try to load a module. I think that the kernel has
been properly compiled. All the ip_masq_* modules are in
/lib/modules/2.0.30 where they should be. Anyone know what could be the
problem? I want to Quake on the net over the holidays!


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