Re: Resolution changes without virtual desktop?

From: Les Klassen Hamm <leskh_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Dec 21 1997 - 15:43:34 CST

On 20-Dec-97 "Kevin L. Schick" wrote:

> I hope this is right. Try turning off your your "virtual" settings in your
> XF86config. It's been a while but I think you can just zero out the values.
> Give that a shot.

Unless I misunderstand you, this doesn't resolve my question. I can "zero out"
the virtual desktop settings (though I like those), what I don't want is the
"sliding" the screen does when you run X at 1024x768 but ctrl-alt-[minus] it to
seeing only 640x480. I'm sure there are correct terms for this, but I've
forgotten them.

PS (for others on the mailing list) Those 3 monitors I spoke of are all DEAD. I
presumed the reference to dumpsters would have made that clear, but I keep
getting requests for these 3 free working monitors. Anyone can have them if
they want them dead - otherwise I'll take up Adam on the catapult idea... or
trade in my car...
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