Re: Resolution changes without virtual desktop?

From: Kevin L. Schick <kevin_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Dec 21 1997 - 00:53:42 CST

On Dec 20, 11:13pm, Les Klassen Hamm wrote:
> Subject: Resolution changes without virtual desktop?
> Does anyone know if it is possible with xfree86 to switch screen resolutions
> the fly without having the lower resolutions pan? I sometimes use 800x600 and
> sometimes 1024x768 (some of us folk are still stuck with little monitors,
> :-( ) but as you know if I start X at 1024x768 and switch it to 800x600, it
> gives you an 800x600 view of the 1024x768 screen, and then pans annoyingly
> whenever the mouse touches an edge. I'd like to be able to switch resolutions
> on the fly, without any of that screen panning. Is this possible under
> Does metro-x support such a thing? My old ATI card and drivers did this under
> Windows (oops, I said that word) three years ago.

  I hope this is right. Try turning off your your "virtual" settings in your
XF86config. It's been a while but I think you can just zero out the values.
Give that a shot.

Kevin L. Schick
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Received on Sun Dec 21 00:53:42 1997

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