Resolution changes without virtual desktop?

From: Les Klassen Hamm <leskh_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sat Dec 20 1997 - 23:18:04 CST

Does anyone know if it is possible with xfree86 to switch screen resolutions on
the fly without having the lower resolutions pan? I sometimes use 800x600 and
sometimes 1024x768 (some of us folk are still stuck with little monitors, Adam
:-( ) but as you know if I start X at 1024x768 and switch it to 800x600, it just
gives you an 800x600 view of the 1024x768 screen, and then pans annoyingly
whenever the mouse touches an edge. I'd like to be able to switch resolutions
on the fly, without any of that screen panning. Is this possible under xfree86?
Does metro-x support such a thing? My old ATI card and drivers did this under
Windows (oops, I said that word) three years ago.

PS Anyone know of a good way of disposing of old monitors? I have 2 old hercs
and an SVGA that I need to get rid of so I have room to play. I presume I can't
just throw those tubes into the dumpster in the alley. Anyone done this
recently? (Or anyone want them - all three!)
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