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Date: Fri Dec 19 1997 - 18:54:59 CST

> Re: YAGM - Kelly's Kafe, 7pm today (Friday)
> No responses yet on this channel - I'm still going though - Hope to meet
> anyone else there ... Hubi is coming.

kev and i are coming....

> I just got hacked here on karlsberg - RedHat 4.0 is SOOO insecure!

lemme guess...imapd?
yup...the script-runners are getting much more prevalent lately...just when
that ipfragment bug came out, i had 2 "crashes", then went on #linuxwarez, dl'ed the
patch, and within a 2 week period, figured i would have been "shut-down" at least
a few dozen times. (the fix to that bug can "log" attempts at crashing the machine,
and "logs" the spoofed ip address (the address the attacker wants you to think where
it came from)

> Andreas
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