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From: Terrence Martin <twm139_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 11:12:00 CST

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On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Keith Brown wrote:

> With some help from Darren Boyd I've managed to get Wave running under
>Linux ... in only a couple of hours of poking around. Here's what I had to
>1. Since Shaw supplied me with their 3C900 "Boomerang" ethernet card it
>was necessary to recompile with another driver (I had previously been
>using a 3C509 with BNC ... Shaw's cable modem uses RJ45 ... I had to
>accept their card). Problem is that stock Linux 2.0.30 doesn't have a
>driver for this card! Where to find it? At

I use my own Etherlink III 3c509 Combo card. So I didn't have this

>2. Every time the computer is booted an ip address is assigned
>dynamically. In order to get the new address it is necessary to use the
>dhcpd daemon. There is a Linux HOWTO on dhcp clients ... can't remember
>where just now but it should be pretty easy to find using a browser.
>Follow the instructions contained therein to the letter and you'll be up
>and running shortly.
>This wasn't nearly as painless as I thought it would be. Now to play with
>it ....

If you are running RedHat the best doc to read is not the DHCP-Howto as
that is directed towards the Tar ball and Slackware.


The rpm has a small readme in it that is extremely helpful and includes an
example script. I think the maintainer spelled nameserver wrong in the
script but otherwise it works fine.


The nice thing about DHCP for Linux is that it passed all of the info it
recieves as enviroment variables into the script you can run everytime
your system is started or set into a bound and recieve state.

I have also found with Shaw that the IP seldom if ever changes. In fact I
was told by one of their technical guys that as long as your computer is
running it will stay the same. I have had the same IP for a week now so
that seems to stand up. Note: It also does not change when I reboot
because I have not yet rebooted during that period where my lease on this
IP expires.

Actually RFC 2131 on the latest DHCP standard is very interesting reading
and should at least be skimmed. Basically it describes exactly the
technique Shaw is using to dole out IP's and how DHCP works in general.

I have found though that Shaw seems to like to do system maintenance in
the evening. This I have found annoying. Otherwise it has been reliable.

And it was basically free if you already have an ethernet card, can't beat
that, :)


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