Re: Shaw cable Wave ... help!!

From: Scott Walde <scott_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Tue Dec 16 1997 - 14:12:54 CST

On Tue, 16 Dec 1997, Keith Brown wrote:

> I just had Shaw cable install their Wave cable modem today for the free
>month trial. However, they have installed it for Windows 95 and not for
>Linux. How do I get it functioning with linux? The technician said
>something about DHCP which I have only a very fuzzy understanding of. If

I tried playing with the Linux DHCP client a few weeks back. It seems to
be quite unreliable as yet. I would see if you can convince Shaw to give
you a static IP. Aaron seemed to indicate that they would give a static
if you could convince them that your OS wouldn't deal with the DHCP.

>anyone has Linux up and running with Wave I'd really appreciate hearing
>about how you did it. Oh yes, which driver in Linux is used for Shaw's
>ethernet card (3Com XL, if I remember correctly).

Can't help with that one...


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