Fwd: U.S. Federal Court Rules Against Microsoft

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Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 10:33:34 CST

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Subject: U.S. Federal Court Rules Against Microsoft

A U.S. federal judge ruled yesterday that Microsoft Corp. must
not require computer manufacturers to install Internet Explorer
as a condition of licensing MS's operating systems, including
Windows 95 "or any successor version thereof."

While the affect to Windows 95 will be minor, the far reaching
affect will be to Windows 98. Win98 reportedly has tight
integration with Internet Explorer 4.0 as the operating system's
interface. This leaves the future of Win98 in doubt.

The IE4 integration is Win98's prime selling point. Because of
this federal court ruling, Win98's mid-year delivery date is in
question. The big question is "will people want Win98 if it's
not substantially different and improved over Win95? The
effects of this ruling on Windows NT 5.0, Microsoft's great
white hope, can also be significant.

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