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From: Bill Jones <jones_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Sun Dec 07 1997 - 12:17:36 CST

A while back I wrote in response to Mark:

>>ok...just got a brainstorm here (thunder-boom) picture this for an
>>idea....a distributed computing "bank", where people can dump their spare
>>cpu cycles to, and "draw" some major friggin horsepower when we actually
>>need it. it may sound silly, but seriously, any of us just do a "vmstat"
>>on our systems after a day, and see that the thing is only really using a
>>few percent of the cpu over the day (since we sleep during nite on
>>occasion..that helps)

>Yes, all very nice. Myself I can see a sustained infrastructure forming
>once there is something like Digital's Millcent system to organize
>micropayments for the cycles (corporations want to make those $$ work), a
>suitable allocation broker to match bids and offers (research opportunity
>here), and Java with just-in-time compiling so nobody has to worry about
>architectural differences and Trojan horses.

The latter part of my mini-prediction is becoming reality. See , a new Java-based attack being mounted on RC5-64.
Besides using Java, they make the further simplification of discarding
the keyserver! Instead the client simply chooses random blocks, and
by probability theory (which I should have thought through myself but
didn't) the expected time to solution is twice that when a keyserver
is employed. Under Netscape 3, the Java client runs at about 1/250
the speed of the Bovine clients which use assembler portions tuned for
each architecture; I would expect JIT to narrow the gap to within a
factor of 10.
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