The BAN party

From: Kevin L. Schick <kevin_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 21:22:24 CST

  So it seems that quite a few of you are interested in having a Basement Area
Network party. Well, I'm definitely game. I was thinking of hosting it here
again. I do have plenty of room available, as well as two computers in the
event someone can't bring one. ANYWAYS (damn I'm long winded), I just need to
know when a good date is. I was thinking that the period between Xmas and
NewYears would be okay. I haven't looked at a calender lately, so I'm unsure if
there is even a weekend available in that time frame. My reasoning for choosing
that time period is based on the fact that pre-Xmas is so busy for most poeple.
  Let me know what you think. Let's get this sucker organized already. I'm
ready for some fun!

Kevin L. Schick
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CANADA
Received on Fri Dec 5 21:22:24 1997

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