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From: Andreas Schiffler <schiffler_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 14:33:36 CST

> I've got this new Matrox Mystique video card. (Big deal) My problem (amongst
> others) is that it isn't really supported in SVGAlib. SuperProbe thinks my card
> is an Oak. Yuch. Worse yet it thinks it only has 256 K. Yuch again!
> Have any of you ever been through this? Help........

I've got this card ...

SVGAlib has not been worked on for ages (like a year and a half or so),
so forget Mystique support.

As Terrence said the new XFree86 has Mystique support - it works fine I
tried it. You get snow at 24 bit colors though.
Suse has created a new Matrox X-Server (see with support
for the Mystique (and the Millenium 2 I belive). That's what I am using
now and it works excellent.

If you are looking at SVGAlib for some graphics programming ... I can
give you some source code for some pretty fast X-Windows code to do 8
bit graphics in a window. You simply access a buffer of size
width*height with standard memory writes and reads, issue an
updateX()-type command and you've got a nice flicker-free graphics
window running at 25+ frames a second (CPU load high of course :-) size
<100K naturally).

Hope that helps

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