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Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 10:25:08 CST

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On Thu, 4 Dec 1997, Kevin L. Schick wrote:

> I've got this new Matrox Mystique video card. (Big deal) My problem (amongst
>others) is that it isn't really supported in SVGAlib. SuperProbe thinks my card
>is an Oak. Yuch. Worse yet it thinks it only has 256 K. Yuch again!
> Have any of you ever been through this? Help........

If you have already gotten xFree86 3.3.1 and have read all of the docs
available igonore the following. :) As far as I know the Matrox cards are
kind of on the edge of being completely supported but not quite yet. :)

According to the docs at Xfree86 on version 3.3.1 There are at least two versions
of the Matrox Mystique supported with full color depth support. I have
found also(and it is echo'ed on the Xfree site) that autoprobing of some
modern cards is unecessary, the Matrox cards are an example. Most cards
with a programmable clock generator probing is not required. My Mach64
also requires no probing.

Of course you need 3.3.1 and if you do not have and .rpm or .deb based
package system this can be a pain.

We have had good luck with the Matrox Milleniums in our new Alpha box and
have been able to get 16 bit color depth at 1024x768 with no problems.

Also the only program I use to help me with setting up X is
XF86Config(4/5) with no autoprobing.

Here is some info from

1. Supported hardware

The current MGA driver in the SVGA server supports the Matrox Millennium
(MGA2064W) with Ti3026 RAMDAC. It has
been tested with 175, 220MHz, and 250MHz cards with 2MB, 4MB and 8MB WRAM.
It supports the Matrox Mystique with
170 and 220 MHz RAMDACs.

There is experimental support for the Matrox Millennium II, which for the
most part works, but DO NOT USE THIS ON
PRODUCTION SYSTEMS - it is no where near tested enough for that role. We
do not yet have the card's documentation, so
this is a alpha quality addition - test this support at your own risk.

This version of the server does not support the rev 3 Matrox Millennium I.

NOTE: This driver is pretty new, and not everything works like you expect
it to. It shouldn't crash your machine, but you may
have video artifacts or missing lines. Please report any and all problems
to using the appropriate bug
report sheet.


5. Configuration:

The server auto-detects WRAM size and RAMDAC speed. Do not bother putting
these in your "Device" section, as they will
be overridden. The TVP3026 and MGA1064SG have a programmable clock
generator, so probing and setting clocks is
unnecessary as well.

The "nolinear" option is not a valid option for the MGA server. The driver
now ignores this directive.

The options "noaccel" or "no_bitblt" turn off BitBlt Engine and other
accelerated functions.

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