Re: Red Hat 5.0 out Dec 1st

From: Skeeter Abell-Smith <skeeter_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 12:46:36 CST

} just heard redhat 5.0 will be out on the 1st, but some people have
} been nailing it off
} even now. my only worry is if's is a beta....

I just read in comp.os.linux.announce that LSL ( is
offering RedHat 5.0 in their GPL "intel binaries only" format (on CD of
course). However, it just reads "see our www site for details" and I
could find none there yet....

In July I ordered a dozen redhat 4.2 GPL CDs from LSL for some friends
and several people on this mailing list. The cost was just $5.50
Canadian each after exchange, excise taxes and GST were accounted for.

If anyone reading this message is interested in a redhat 5.0 CD, please
contact me ASAP. I have already e-mailed LSL to get pricing. The more
CDs we order, the cheaper it is for everyone because additional CDs
don't significantly increase shipping costs. A dozen CDs should be no
more cdn$6.00 (if they are still just US$1.95 plus shipping from LSL),
even with the weaker Canadian dollar. On the other hand, 3 would cost
over cdn$7.50 each, and 20 could be as cheap as cdn$4.50 each.

Please e-mail if interested...
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