Re: No More DOS!!!

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Date: Thu Mar 20 1997 - 12:34:09 CST

On 20 Mar, Keith Brown wrote:
>> Congrats! If I could only get away from games, I could do the same.
>> Admittedly they do only take a small percentage of my computing time.
>> Here's a question for you. Is there anything you would like to have
>> discussed or presented at the next meeting? I'm fisshing for some
>> idea.
> Actually, I still have DOS on my home machine ... for games,
> Mechwarrior 2 currently.
> It might be nice to have a discussion of how to set up the XF86Config
> file. Its a pretty daunting task for anyone and any tips would probably be
> welcomed by all. Also, perhaps some talk about ppp setup.I'm biased since
> I absolutely cannot get chat to work on my home machine. It just *refuses*
> to dial the modem!
  Good ideas! It seems that more than a few people have experienced
  difficulty with PPP and X. I wonder if many members would find it old
  hat, and therefore boring.
I'll have to plan something.

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