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Date: Wed Mar 19 1997 - 14:51:25 CST

  Here's an update on that xisp post I sent earlier this week.
My aplogies to those with no interest or need for an ISP connection

  If you've tried xisp-1.4 and have problems, please download
 version 1.5 of xisp; version 1.4 introduced a rather severe bug,
 preventing the creation of a .xisprc file from scratch, when one
 was not found. The LSM entry for v1.5 follows:

Title: X-ISP, an X11 visual interface to pppd/chat.
Version: March 19 1997
Entered-date: Wed Mar 19 13:59:24 EET 1997
Description: X-ISP is an X11 and XForms based visual
                interface to pppd and chat, implementing a
                dialup networking tool for Linux. Currently
                it only supports PPP type connections. To
                build it you need XForms-0.81 or later, and
                if you don't have it already, libXpm 3.4f or
                later. Information on where to get XForms
                is included in the distribution.
Keywords: PPP, X11, X11R6, XForms
Author: dbouras@hol.gr (Dimitrios P. Bouras)
Maintained-by: dbouras@hol.gr (Dimitrios P. Bouras)
Primary-site: sunsite.ubc.edu /pub/Linux/X11/xapps/comm
                37k xisp-1.5.tar.gz
Platform: Linux
Copying-policy: GNU GPL

  Version 1.5 is a bug-fix release. For more information, look in files
 README and HISTORY included with the distribution.


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