Alpha Box collects dust

From: Tim Schneider <75601.115_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu Sep 26 1996 - 09:04:42 CST

So I got this whiz-bang alpha box here. Some people told me that they would
come by and help set it up for the computer fair but no one so far has stepped
up to the challenge.
Please stop by, 3201 Arlington Avenue. That's one block east of Preston on
Arlington. I'm right on the corner of Arlington and Eastview. You may try to
call - 373.6859. I'm "open" until 10pm

If you can't show up, maybe you can help via e-mail.
1) how do you change the background graphic in X-Windows?
2) how do you connect two computers together via ethernet cards?
3) how do you setup chat and ppp to connect to an isp?
4) how do you setup a serial port for dumb terminal access?

I have many chairs, lots of room, tons of free parking, a place to lock-up bikes
and truck-loads of computing power.
Tim Schneider.
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