Re: SLG: meeting/fair/news

From: Andreas Schiffler <andreas_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Wed Sep 25 1996 - 09:54:23 CST

Hi Keith,

> Sorry that I was unable to attend, Andreas. I will, however, still be
> coming to the Fair with my '586 on Friday and Saturday.

No problem. We just organized everything a bit and played with the Alpha.

OK. Re. Friday: I plan on setting up around 10am Friday morning. If you
have time to come over and help that would be great. Otherwise, I can pick
up your machine on Friday or Thursday evening and we'll see you whenever you
have time on Friday. Tell me your schedule again for Friday and Saturday ...

> One question that I would have asked had I been there last night would
> have been 'what about cabling for ethernet connections?'. Do you need
> cable, tee connectors and terminators?

I have a 2-machine setup. If you can bring enough cables to hook into that,
that's enough (one T and a piece of cable). It wouldn't hurt to bring a bit
bore stuff though - just in case.

> Another question is what about security? Do we leave our machines there
> overnight or dismantle and setup the next day?

There is heavy security on the site. We will leave our stuff hooked up (and
running povray :-) overnight. There should be no problem - but you can ask
the FreeNet people again about security once we are there.
Bye now
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