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From: Andreas Schiffler <andreas_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Mon Sep 23 1996 - 10:50:33 CST

        Saskatoon Linux Group - Meeting/Fair/News -

        Hi all,
        the AlphaStation is running Linux now! After some fiddling and
        recompiling, Adam and me actually got Linux, X-Windows and even
        Quake running on the beast. (One can play while recompiling a
        kernel!) Come have a look at the machine during our next pre-fair
        When: Tuesday, 24 Sept. 96, 7pm
        Where: Physics Club Lounge
                        basement of Physics bldg., UofS, Saskatoon
        What: * Pre-fair organization, please come if you are
                        involved (i.e. you bring your machine, yourself
                        or other forms of support).
                        * Play with the Alpha box:
                        333MHz, 128MB Ram, 2MB cache, 2GB SCSI-2W hd
                        plus a 21" monitor

        I want to apologize to call for a meeting on such short
        notice, but I was a wee-bit busy the last few days.
        The video card I put in for Linux/X compatibility has only
        1MB DRAM on it right now. If anyone wants to lend another
        two RAM chips or even better a PCI Mach64 video card, we can
        get X running a bit faster.

        If you can't come to the meeting, see us at the fair:
                Jubilee Building, Saskatoon
                Setup Friday, Sept 27, 9pm - 12pm
                Show Friday, Sept 27, 1pm - 9pm
                Show Saturday, Sept 28, 10am - 6pm
                Show Sunday, Sept 29, 1pm - 5pm
                $5 adult admission

        We will be able to move the WWW pages to - a
        hard working web-page creator will be needed soon to move and
        update the SLG pages. If you'd like to volunteer/help/contribute,
        please send a note to the mailing-list.

        Bye now

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