Re: SLG purchases

From: Bill Jones <jones_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 20:54:29 CST

Something recent, SCO have decided to give free personal-use licences
to their Unix including development environment. Media cost US$30 if
one can't find a copy to borrow. Not that it's any good as a Unix :),
but it does come with Motif libraries, and Linux through the IBCS
facility can now run the binaries generated. So anything that can
be ported to SCO can be run on Linux under Motif. Of course there
could be some fine print in the licence saying one _may_ not do this.

Still, a Linux Motif would be worth the price just to avoid SCO
porting anguish. Accelerated X-server though? It seems to me this
would only give extra speed to the folks who are already buying
souped-up video cards.
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