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From: Andreas Schiffler <andreas_at_no.spam.please>
Date: Thu Sep 19 1996 - 14:25:07 CST

Hi again,

the SLG has currently approximately $250 in funds. Assuming we get the
bigger booth (-$75), actually ship the AlphaStation back (-$50), sell 20 CDs
(+$200) and 20 memberships (+$100) at the fair, we would have about $425
(approximately US$300 when taking the exchange rate and GST into account)
left to spend on Linux products. So I'd like to get an idea of what products
are worth getting - what you would like to see.
To start the list, here are some products advertised in the Linux Journal.
Feel free to comment and add more items to the list (and repost) ...


System Commander US$100
- graphical LILO replacement
- looks cool but is otherwise pretty useless

WGS Linux Pro 4.0 6 CD set US$50
- another Linux distribution

CLIQ office package set US$270
- special offer for the word, calc, form, deak and accessories packages

AcceleratedX X-server US$100
AcceleratedX Motif 2.0+Devel. US$150
AcceleratedX OpenGL US$200

BRU Personal edition $70
- backup system

InfoMagic MOO-TIFF Motif 2.0 US$100

Caldera Network Desktop with WordPerfect US$225
Caldera Network Desktop with the Caldera Internet Office Suite US$300
- summer promo price until Oct 10/96

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